Dear sir/DONER,

Honorable President of OMAZE Organization,

First take my salaam and greets in my heart. Hope well with your family.

I am shah Alam from Bangladesh. I Know you are the most charitable person of the world. You are not only famous generous organization but also a best Charitable Organization. I am writing Expect a book please don’t disappoint me.my mother was died when I was child and last year I also lost my father because of censer this disease I have lost my house land for treatment to my father.

I have four sister and three brother. I am eldest all of them. I have no money and no land to bear them so completely exhausted. I have no way to do something to bear my family.

On the other hand this time we lock down for corona virous. This Corona time really we are not die as Corona we die without eating .Really I am your blind supporter. Really I like very much. I know you are widely regarded as one of the greatest Charitable Organization in the History of the doner.

. God has made you rich and came to earth to help poor and helpless , shelterless and orphan people. The world is so beautiful because there are people like you. thousands of helpless people like on the earth because you are so kind.

Sir, cannot give new life to my family. Really that’s no matter for you. please sir give me just a few money like fakir Cannot you overcome my lake of family? Sir please help me some doller ,I will be tired of your servant.

Your donation will survive a family. Not a single point of my belief, sir, is a lie. At present your company Provides shelter to many helpless poor shelterless children. sir, give me new life to my family by donation some money to me from your helpful Organization.

Your donation is a blessing for my family. I really cannot see my family suffering anymore. cannot donate to me from your Organization . I cannot really die from the pain of my family.

I cannot die because I won’t get paradise. sir you can tolerate if someone in your family dies without food. Please help me some money to do something and bear my family. Please sir you mind you donate in orphans organization .You do not give to the fakirs, You give me in the same way.

Please give me the gift of GOD. I will never forget your donation. As a fakir zakat translated me. I call you father please help me otherwise I have suicide .please sir give me your leg.

I know you are very kind merciful. Please father I will servant if you help me .please father understand my situation. I am completely bankrupt for my father treatment. I have no way to want without you beg.

Only you can help me otherwise I will Suicide.

I’d like to ask you for some money that you donate fakirs.O sir,O FATHER please help me. I know you has donated huge amounts of your Organization.


ACCOUNT NAME –SHAH ALAM.voice no-0181164****

ACCOUNT NO-145 151 *****.

Location: Dhaka, Dhaka

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You should write to : PO BOX 866 **** CULVER BLVD, CULVER CITY, CA 90232, USA.


Bruh, you wasted all that writing for nothing. You should've looked up Omaze physical address, and mailed them a letter. This not gone work here.




Dude I'm sorry but this is not how you will reach the president of the Omaze company; this isn't their website... Hope all becomes better for you and your family soon

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