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I spent $30 entering a sweepstakes by Omaze. I have the thank you for erntering email stating the entry deadline is August 14.

Now, the sweepstakes page says the entry deadline is August 24. Sarcastic Sarcastic Sad

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This is exactly what they did with the Tesla Model S P100D sweepstakes. They said very sly "the winner will be drawn on or around January 18th 2019".

Well that day is pretty long gone.

Many people are complaining about this and this honestly sounds like a class action lawsuit for false advertisement. Omaze better watch their backs because this sounds like it's going to sneak up on them.

@donated actual money for what

The original closing date of the P100D contest was January 4th.. I know because I started entering the contest in December before they bumped the date back to the 18th.