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Devastated!!! OMAZE contests don't tell you when enter need to respond within 24 hrs.

In hospital when name drawn & disqualfied me from winning a luxurious trip to St. Barts. They should have indicated the 24 hour response clause in their what lawyers want you to know, entry form & in e-mail subject line as could have had my husband check my e-mail if known. Their rules often don't download & when I finally got one to download, it doesn't state that you have only 24 hours to respond, but instead states that when you receive their documents for you to SIGN you need to return them within 24 hours.

In addition it appears that I'm locked out of winning any other of their contests as none of their experiences will completely show on my computer any more. Cry

Product or Service Mentioned: Omaze Customer Care.

Reason of review: Disqualified From Winning Trip While In Hospital.

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I think this is fake I don't think anyone won anything, nice try though

to Anonymous #1678488

Anonymous, you are unjustly skeptical. I have the e-mail to prove to prove it: Sally Clary Mon 2018-11-26 11:45 AM You; EB Krawczyk; Emma Barnosky Hi Sharen, Great news!

You’ve been randomly drawn as a potential winner for the chance to retreat to the tropical paradise of St. Barts!

Please respond within 24 hours with answers to the following, or you may lose your eligibility: •Your full name •Your age •Your city of residence •Links to any social media accounts you have (personal + fan accounts) Thanks so much! Sally omaze5.jpg


It is in the rules , the things our lawyers want you to know. It should be longer.

to Leann #1678502

Leann - that is not true. If you carefully read the rules, which I did, it specifically states that once you receive the winning documents to sign & return, THEN you have 24 hours to do so (i.e.

acceptance of prize, stating you won't hold them liable, & in Canada a skill testing question). I did not receive any of the documents therefore that 24 hour clause did not yet apply as I didn't receive the documents. Most contests give you up to a week to reply & then once you reply & receive the documents, then have 24 hours to return them. Official rules takes precedence & no where does it state in Omaze's official rules that you only have 24 hours to reply.

It appears & I believe that Omaze's staff have misinterpreted the Official rules & that I should have been awarded the prize. They need to abide by the rules.

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