Three to four years ago Jon Stewart announced contributing to a Veterans Association. As a vet and new widow of a vet I gave $500 and I am on a fixed social security income.

I ate beans and rice for two months to make that donation. Then I find out that these two rich kids who started Omaze keep 20%! They took $100 away from Vets! Two rich kids who NEVER SERVED.

The prize was never given! Being with Jon Stewart on his last show. They should have SAID they stole 20% of every donation! I wrote a letter to Jon Stewart and he sent me an autographed Gucci tie.

What the *** was I supposed to do with that?? Omaze.com is doing it AGAIN with Seth Meyers, Jon Stewart, and Colbert for autism speaks. Yet AGAIN they don’t mention that these brats are keeping 20% for themselves.

TV stars and rich kids. AWFUL people!

Product or Service Mentioned: Omaze Donation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Omaze Cons: Deception, Scam company, Ethics and customer service.

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Beans and rice are delicious.


But they already put they take 20% from the start, it's clearly says on the web. Maybe you should really take time to read before doing anything.

And every charity website take some percent from the charity, you think it's free to build a server, run a website, pay your employees, etc?

You really should read before doing charity because they already write down how many percent they take from the start, so you don't have to blame people for your own foolness.

If you didn't want they take your money, then never give online charity again!

What makes people doing online charity is because it's easier, can be done whenever wherever by everyone, because some of us can't serve directly like you, that's why we keep doing it eventhough we know not 100% will given.

And how about you make your own charity website but take no profit from it? Good idea right?

Thank me later.


The fact that celebrities such as Jon Stewart, Colbert, Meyers, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and other “stars” still shill for Omaze (i’m sure for a LOT of money) just makes me have even less respect for these multi-millionaire actors/network stars.

They are treated like the gods of old--Zeus, Athena, Mars--for being able to memorize lines or just read cue

cards, to make us laugh. Our teachers or First Responders (police, fire fighters, EMTs who rush INTO danger to save our lives every day--including into active shooter mass killings do more for society that these divas and prima donnas and paid a pittance compared to the $30 mill/yr Stewart was paid or the $20 mill per movie.

These “stars” who promote Omaze pretend to like the common person...what a scam they all have going.

They are just part of the .01% they pretend to skewer each night.

I will never contribute another penny for these scam artists (both Omaze and celebrities).

I’ll volunteer my time and give donations ONLY to local causes--food pantries, homeless shelters and such.

@pete_farmer59 there are even WORSE charities that keep up to 90% for themselves! I’m sure that these sociopaths sleep better at night than we are able to!


How have they not made the 'worst' list yet? This company is a disgrace.

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