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I donated money because it seemed like a decent charitable thing to do but the next thing I know I read in the NY Post that Ms. Lawrence is buying an apartment in TriBeCa!

Coincidence I certainly don't think so!

Yeah right she's just like everyone else, if that everyone else is Bernie Madoff!!!!

Oh well I guess I don't blame her, she's been rich for a long while and forgotten her roots, she did an interview and was like 'you know how people in the hamptons be eatin' their lobsters like this, yumyumyum' (AND her pinky was out.)

Hopefully omaze and Jennifer Lawrence can get it together and actually do some good! I'm routing for them!!!

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Solid 30 Rock reference! I believe this comment is a joke in its entirety. Please relax people.


this review makes no sense at all. the money is going to omaze to go to the charity why would jennifer lawrence get any and why would you think she needs it??? wow...you're smart...


This is seriously the dumbest review I've ever read. Jennifer Lawrence net worth is around 120 million.

You making a connection between a fundraising for a good cause on Omaze and her buying an apartment In TriBeCa for 9m is just really dumb thinking.

Get you brain checked! Seriously!


OMG! I love Jlaw but why is she buying a house with donations?!

I think she's letting homeless live in it. JLaw rulz!!!!!

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