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I am suddenly quite skeptical about Omaze, due a recent campaign not having a winner announced until I asked them about it (3 months after original draw date, and 3 weeks after the supposed, updated draw date). 17 hours after I asked for information, a winner was suddenly announced.

So...? That said, there was some confusion about their justification for the delays, and I just checked the web site, discovering they DID re-launch the same campaign, which maybe explains some of the overlap and/or conflicting information. (Hey... ...People make mistakes, sometimes.) Because this seems a bit sketchy to me, I think this will be my last Omaze donation.

The explanation, incorect information, and timing of the announcement, just don’t seem credible. As for the donation perks (as opposed to ordering memorabilia outright; something I’ve never done), I’ve received ALL of my donation perks, to date. All have been exactly as advertised, and arrived within the delivery estimate. NOTE: donation perks (something you get at specific donation levels, such as a t-shirt at the $100 level, mug, etc.), ship out 4-16 weeks AFTER THE CLOSE OF THE CAMPAIGN.

I read that before donating, and was a bit surprised, but at least prepared for the wait. That means that after the contest closes (which could be months after you entered), it could still be up to 4 months AFTER THAT before you receive your perk. As I said, I HAVE received all my perks (about 8 different t-shirts plus a few other random items), which have arrived within the delivery estimate. So, in that sense, there’s nothing sketchy about Omaze.

I have participated in a dozen or so campaigns, and I always receive my donation perks. (I have not purchased items from their shop, though, so I don’t know how that works.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Omaze Donation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Suddenly skeptical?

They’ve been an absolute scam since day one!!