Should have read the comments here before participating, but had a similar experience as the rest of the people here.

It appears their all winners are fabricated. Try to search for any people who had the experience with their advertised contests, twitter, reddit anywhere, there's 2 people in entire internet who has talked about their experience out of thousands contests they do every year.

All their winners look the same, mostly middle aged men, few older women, have the same professional "happiness" when told, and then have a blurb about celebrity they won with something vaguely relating why would they be interested in it. You search for those names in celebrity's followers list and they don't exist, there's no social media from them, no one has ever tweeted omg i won omaze contest, no established real people social media accounts in thise age of day for ANY contests?

they make up winners, real fans, real people who actually donated never win. Do not bother wasting money on this sham.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omaze Donation.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Omaze Pros: Idea of winning.

Omaze Cons: Scam company.

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I bought £10 of tickets in April, last night in the final draw I won £20, ok so not the house. But they are not a scam. They make a profit sure but I would not have paid £10 without this incentive to this charity without them.


I suggest you all look up the British Heart Foundation's web site. Omaze is definitely NOT a scam.

The house in London that is up for a prize, exists. The BHF have answered ALL questions about this.

The BHS are guaranteed to get a minimum of £100,000 and are guaranteed 80% of the funds. Just look up the BHS Web site for yourself and stop being so negative!!!


So they raise £100 000 by giving away £3 million? Very funny - that makes no sense and is very fishy


hahahahhaha this ppl, how in the actuall *** is this a scam? Not every one can win, no everyone THAT win you need to know, hahhahahahahahahhaha this world is insane right know for real. You dont read, you dont think you only get up to the phone/computer and type.


Thousands of winners and no personal posts from any of them. If I won I’d be sharing the *** out of my experience on social media.


I’ve been led astray by Instagram posts. Here’s just another


Thank you for sharing




I would NOT want to be published if I won something and most people feel the same. Also, Omaze would be "caught out" using celeb pics and promos, if the contest was not legit. Believe me, their agents and publicists would not allow the partnership otherwise.




Have you not seen ow Martin Lewis money expert has been falsely used on the Web also Philip Scofield with false Bitcoin ads etc, scammers will do anything and the chance to win means most people don't check


Dionne Warwick, who is an A-lister, touted that psychic hotline BS fir years.


Let me tell you, come November if when this draw is held and I think for one single minute that these people have used a cancer charity as a ruse to scam people from their hard earned money, by this I mean no winners , no point putting someone in that house pretending they live there! I’m like Miss Marple when I get a feather in my knickers.

But until I see the proof of this, I shall reserve judgment!

But... Be warned Omaze I’m watching


1) People complaining about donating hundreds or thousands of dollars need to read the fine print - NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! This is a SWEEPSTAKES, not an Amazon purchase.

You're not buying the prize with your donation, you're adding your name to the very long list of hopefuls who want to win the prize. 2) If I won, I wouldn't want my name out there in social media. Winners need not prove they won to the Instagram trolls out there. There is absolutely NO BENEFIT TO THE WINNER TO RELEASE THEIR NAME to the public.

This is true for the lotto winners out there as well; in states that allow anonymous claiming - they claim anonymously! They'll take their cash, car, or whatever prize they won and you'll still be shouting "it's a scam" because you weren't picked from thousands or millions of entries. 3) Do me a favor - don't enter. It will just help increase my chances of winning.

Keep thinking its a scam. Keep being lazy and not read the official rules.


They have an utterly dysfunctional website!! I have properly signed-in.

But their "search" engine and their, "Hang tight... we're fetching more experiences for you!", does not work/load. If have tried many times over many days, and neither of these two functions yield any results.

And, to add insult to injury, I can't even send them a message using their own website. Terrible.


That disappointing forward to FBI




Actually, someone I know directly from my hometown one a Tesla.


You’re a liar


Nobody one a Tesla.

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