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Should have read the comments here before participating, but had a similar experience as the rest of the people here.

It appears their all winners are fabricated. Try to search for any people who had the experience with their advertised contests, twitter, reddit anywhere, there's 2 people in entire internet who has talked about their experience out of thousands contests they do every year.

All their winners look the same, mostly middle aged men, few older women, have the same professional "happiness" when told, and then have a blurb about celebrity they won with something vaguely relating why would they be interested in it. You search for those names in celebrity's followers list and they don't exist, there's no social media from them, no one has ever tweeted omg i won omaze contest, no established real people social media accounts in thise age of day for ANY contests?

they make up winners, real fans, real people who actually donated never win. Do not bother wasting money on this sham.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omaze Donation.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Omaze Pros: Idea of winning.

Omaze Cons: Scam company.

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My sister just won a prize w them worth 110 k. I can’t speak to other prizes but would be odd if she the only winner


Your sister didn't win anything.


Feel very sorry if it is a scam I liked that lady who presents the prizes, she seemed like a very nice person. Now I do not know what to believe


Do not Know What to believe I Liked that Lady Too I will not enter again


shame on the RSpCA and other charities for partnering up with a scam


Not sure what to make of this I entered a few times but now I do not feel I want to anymore if it is a scam I am very Disappointed in them


If it's a scam, explain this. https://www.bhf.org.uk/what-we-do/news-from-the-bhf/news-archive/2021/april/house-draw-raises-one-million-pounds-for-bhf-research


I just saw the last chance advert on tv , so i logged on to the website All i saw was scam, so i read the comments and i decided to not participate How can common people afford to pay just council tax alone on a house worth this much stop this *** now


Awww boo hooo, you lost $500 because you didn't look at the rest of the page, there is an "enter without contributing" button, so now you have to call them a scam because you didn't win.


Explain to me why 71 reviews are one star ratings! You're a scammer too stupid to do it right.

OMAZE IS SCAMMING PEOPLE. BEWARE! Do not fall for this typical scam. This scam is universal.

Many Facebook groups are finding the same exact scam. Get a real job you turd!


if you look at all the winners, they're all white... so either they're racist or it's rigged or both.


Or white people are more likely to pay to enter


Waa Waa Waa. You didn't get something for nothing - It's cuz you are Black.

Boo Hoo Hoo. A Whitey Cracker won - They must be racist. It's never your fault. I was raped when I was 2 years old, which tore me apart so bad, I could never had children.

Is this where I blame Blacks? A former friend defaulted on her college loans from 40 years ago. Seems she had to pay it back with her pension money.

Some how she felt that was my fault because I was 'racist' REALLY? Want me to wipe your butt for you too?


Are you smoking crack ?? Wtf.


What so because the winners are white people it has to be a racist lotto WTF. Shut the front door you idiot. I've never heard such verbal diarrhoea in my entire life.


That's a true sign of a scammer. Can't spell simple words. It's funny that this scam has been listed on Scamadvisor as a scam.


I will be filing my Federal Trade Commission Complaint and I believe everyone should too. They are obviously a scam.

ReportFraud.ftc.gov. A thorough investigation and audit is called for


Omaze have successfully proved they are a legit company. I don't think they would be advertising on National Television if they were a scam.

The British Heart Foundation received a £1m along with other charities. I suggest some research is properly done into the charities they have helped before angry people put up stupid remarks, because they didn't win it!


I am happy and not a believer. You're stealing you crook. I will find your domain name and what country you're scamming people from and see how long you've been in business.


I contacted the British Heart Association and they have never heard of you. You’re a loser who steals from gullible people.

And your link is a nice touch but doesn’t even give real information.

Anybody can pay for a TV ad. Part of an attempt to look legit you thieves!

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