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Should have read the comments here before participating, but had a similar experience as the rest of the people here.

It appears their all winners are fabricated. Try to search for any people who had the experience with their advertised contests, twitter, reddit anywhere, there's 2 people in entire internet who has talked about their experience out of thousands contests they do every year.

All their winners look the same, mostly middle aged men, few older women, have the same professional "happiness" when told, and then have a blurb about celebrity they won with something vaguely relating why would they be interested in it. You search for those names in celebrity's followers list and they don't exist, there's no social media from them, no one has ever tweeted omg i won omaze contest, no established real people social media accounts in thise age of day for ANY contests?

they make up winners, real fans, real people who actually donated never win. Do not bother wasting money on this sham.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omaze Donation.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Omaze Pros: Idea of winning.

Omaze Cons: Scam company.

  • Charity Appeal
  • No Reward
  • Omaze com Omaze Fraud
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All the prizes are no purchase necessary. People who donate are the suckers. Up to 1 million entries for free.


Well, seeing how this organization was founded by two guys who ran the Clinton Foundation, it probably is a scam. I donated once, then I did a little research. Never again!!


Not a scam, winner of game of thrones Ireland trip is professor at Hillsdale College.


What is his name then?


Christopher Hamilton.


I have a friend in a faebook group who won the Disney wedding. I'd like to think if it was a scam the celebrities wouldn't be using themselves on it to raise funds for charity.


I got excited about the chance to meet ELO thru a donation. I knew better though, that many entries! Sounds to good to be true probably is...


I have seen winners post about their experiences!


Ummm... it is possible they do not put the people's real names.

Not many people would want it blasted across the internet that they just won a $500K Lambo, attached with their picture and location. Actually, would be pretty stupid to actually do that.

With all the high profile celebs and charities they are attached to, I highly doubt anything nefarious is going on. Sounds like sour grapes to me.


You can’t really hide the fact that your were driving an 01 Camry to work and all of a sudden show up in a lambo bud. People will notice.


Other companies that do this kind of charities do post their people. How about Publisher Clearance House as an example.


This info is real. Omaze only works with celebrities and politicans when it comes to real winners.

But expensive stuff like a $500,000 car? Yeah... a small group of companies won't meddle with that stuff. It's just a a scam and they fake winners.

Haven't you noticed the actual winners don't have facebook, social media, or even slightest hint about there thousands of dollar car on a site? I would if I would've won. You would see pictures of me and my McClaren 720S and put that on public.

If you want to be live with celebrities. Then it is fine.


What makes me question the website, is that most of the winners are from the USA. Like, I've entered in quite a few, and never saw anyone outside NA to win any of the contests I've entered.

And I was sure to enter on contests where europe was available. The only contest I saw a person from outside NA (in this case, Europe) to win, was on a 'trip through Europe'...

Not sure if by coincidence, or they are really 'hand picking' winners. It's really weird.


I won! I'm real lol.

Sorry you haven't won yet! But it is real!


what exactly did you win and how?


Heather, if you don’t mind us asking, what did you win?


Heather does not exist people just part of the big LIE. Again class action lawsuit should be pursued.


Tell us more about yourself Heather.


What a *** joke-this company needs to be sued for prying on the good nature of others who believe they are truly donating to charities.


Heather you shouldn't lie you loser