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Should have read the comments here before participating, but had a similar experience as the rest of the people here.

It appears their all winners are fabricated. Try to search for any people who had the experience with their advertised contests, twitter, reddit anywhere, there's 2 people in entire internet who has talked about their experience out of thousands contests they do every year.

All their winners look the same, mostly middle aged men, few older women, have the same professional "happiness" when told, and then have a blurb about celebrity they won with something vaguely relating why would they be interested in it. You search for those names in celebrity's followers list and they don't exist, there's no social media from them, no one has ever tweeted omg i won omaze contest, no established real people social media accounts in thise age of day for ANY contests?

they make up winners, real fans, real people who actually donated never win. Do not bother wasting money on this sham.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omaze Donation.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Omaze Pros: Idea of winning.

Omaze Cons: Scam company.

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I suspect that Omaze is a Scam. No transparency. Also Have you seen the photo of Staff...?....ALL White Faces !


I think it has now been proven that these comments are absolutely untrue and unfounded. Omaze is totally legit and the last house win in Fulham, London raised one million pounds for BHF. Check out their web site and stop spreading lies.


Maybe, the charities concerned should could form a disclaimer, as they will be the ones who are sadly loosing out ?


Just to say, thank you for that advise. Thinking about it I have never had an e-mail of comfirmation, reference number, payment has gone through, thankyou for making the donation, hope you win ect. I have done this three times now.


I believe this was a comment from an American. I can't speak for all Americans but, in the UK, NOT everyone is on Social Media! Therefore, you won't necessarily be able to verify through that method.


All I can say is Ive had something through Omaze and they are legit. Actually really nice.

I dont know about these competitions. When they worked with Madonna for hospitals and schools in Malawi I got a huge signed framed print from Madonna a thankyou note and a phonecall from Omaze.

The company is totally real, I have proof. As I said, I dont know about these houses and car competitions but I know my money went to Malawi, it paid for a little playground at Madonnas kids hospital, I was kept updated.


Have you been to visit it? Otherwise no you DO NOT know it's real


We have one person denying that Omaze has anything to do with the real world and another saying how good they are and that Madonna was a part of the acknowledgement. We need some bona fide input from the Prince Of Wales Trust if we are to put our faith in these house competitions.


A sore loser it seems.


Its not a scam, sounds like you're a sore loser who put serious money into a lottery...with unrealistic expectations of glory. Even with $500 in tickets, odds are still in the millions.

Omaze is a legit charity with businesses and celebs donating goods and services. A 2 minute Google search can verify this...its not rocket science.

Why are the winners all middle aged white dudes?...because they live for raffle lotteries. All lotteries are kinda rigged when the odds of winning are realized...tell that to my friend who won a million the other year (in our regional lottery)...don't be dumpy...don't gamble anything you're going to whine about later in comments


seems as if this site is there to grab as much money as it can so from everything that has been printed about this site every remark except for a couple of remarks are saying do not trust this site nor hand over noney to them either






Why are they allowed to promote their draw on tv - surely there are advertising rules and standards. Has anyone noticed that they always announce that entries have to be in by midnight on Sunday - but that is on every week.

A bit like the DFS sale ...... ‘ ends midnight on Sunday’ - but they never mention which Sunday!!!!


Here in the UK there have been several houses won by legitimate people. These facts can be cross checked with Teenage Cancer Trust, British Heart Foundation, which incidentally received £1,000,000 through the last house win in London. It is NOIT a scam in the UK.


I have added my name a few times for the "alternative participation without donating" to get familiarized with it BEFORE contributing money. Everything seems too good to be true and I second the opinion that nobody real seems to have ever won that can be corroborated independently. Even their entry in Wikipedia has this issue.


I think you should at least get a notification email on the draw results. It's a bit cheap to get nothing.

I played once, I won't play again. Feels like just giving money away.


You mean like... to charity?


Giving money to charity is clear and straigh forward and the only promise of reward is the good you are doing in an altruistic money. That's the reward on itself. Giving altruistically is not why people participate in Omaze...



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