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There needs to be an investigation and class action lawsuit for this company and any other company that steals from those whom really believe they are 1. Donating to charity and 2.

Think there is a possibility to actually hang with a celebrity. I imagine these celebrities have been informed of the inappropriate use of their name and false advertising of “events” with these celebrities. When will a lawyer step up and actually file appropriate charges. True charities do not risk exposure to scams as big as this.

If they are in fact selecting winners are the winners just the buddies of the two losers that started OMAZE? Full transparency OMAZE-we all know these “canned” video announcements are fake.

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John Oliver makes Omaze Legit. End of story.


You are hilarious. Do you actually think celebrities would make these videos for Omaze if it was a scam???

Do you know that would end a career? You Are a Moron!!!


Lol the celebrity is making millions. They don't care or know what omaze is doing


look at all these bitter idiots commenting... instant gratification and entitlement is why this kind of charity exists.. if you donate and don't win you cry like a baby!!


I saw the woman who won the prize to be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (also w/ Jon Stewart under the desk). So, at least that one wasn't fake.


Never heard of 'em. You're going to have to do a better job explaining the nature and alleged purpose of your tormentor before I can understand your complaint.