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Hey folks, I thank you all for the honest reviews of Omaze; it has this “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t” feel to it.

Was thinking that an email or call to the charity purported to receive the set forth percentage of the funds raised might help resolve any concerns you might have regarding the sweepstakes? You could even contact them again after the date the award and find out if the item had been distributed.

Since the charities involved would have their reputations severely tarnished by the fact that Omaze is a scam, they might want to be aware that their good name is being used to conduct fraud.

Thanks again for your reviews. I won’t get into any of their sweepstakes until I determine they are absolutely legit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Omaze Donation.

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I had my doubts when we were first contacted as possible winners, but everything was above board. The winners picture was posted.


Yes yes. I agree. Great idea if u have doubts.