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I wanted to enter the Song Karaoke With Kermit contest. And from the reviews,I don't think I should do it. Can someone please help me decide

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You don't have to donate to enter! Scroll down to the bottom to see the legal stuff and then there is a alternate entry method.


dont do it. i donated or shall i say i got scammed out of one hundred dollars by entering a chance to win Richard Petty Camaro SS.

They still have not announced the winner even after saying they would on July 25th 2018. It is now August 7th and the world is still waiting...and i guess we will always be waiting.

I wish i would have done more research on Omaze...Its sad too because the Petty foundation said the contest was legit but now even they have cut off all communication with me about it. so it seems the whole celebrity society is in on the scam

to Onecrazywookie #1543800

They announced the winner it was some woman

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