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Omaze is a US Federal and California state registered "for profit" company. It is not a registered as a charity.

Yet they claim donations to them are charitable deductions and claim you can deduct your donations. . This claim itself is illegal. If people make large donations and deduct them, they can be prosecuted for IRS fraud later.

Even if they were lied to. The IRS and law requires each person making donations VERIFY for a fact that the donation is lawfully deductible. Something is wrong with all this.

There simply is no basis for any of this companies claims it is a charity to be true,. .

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If you read the information at the bottom of EVERY SINGLE contest, it states very clearly the percentage breakdowns of where the money goes. Additionally, they state in their FAQs that they are registered as a for-profit company, and simply say, "If you choose to write off" your donation.

They are not tax attorneys, they can't tell you that you can or cannot write off something.

But clearly, you can write of the portion of the entry fee that goes to the charity. Dang people, learn to read.


If you read the "Stuff our lawyers want you to read" you'll see that the "net proceeds" of these campaigns are paid to Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAFA), an IRS recognized US public charity. So, you can take the "donation" as a tax deductible charitable contribution.

HOWEVER, what I didn't see specified is how they calculate the net proceeds. I know for a fact that the people calling you to donate to Federation for the Blind or some other charity, only give 2% of what they collect to the actual charity. The rest is taken by the salesperson that called you and the organization for whom he or she works.

A scam if you ask me. I'm not sure if Omaze is any different in that respect.


So does that mean I won't get to watch Halloween with Jamie Lee curtis


Net proceeds. Lol.


This is the only good or relevant comment.


From the faq... "Is my contribution tax deductible?

Juliana July 14, 2017 15:41 Omaze is a for-profit company. Officially, our competitions are 'sweepstakes,' and it's important to note that there are varying legal interpretations on whether a contribution that also awards people consideration (chances of winning a grand prize) is deductible. If you choose to write off your donation, you can use the confirmation email we sent you at the time of purchase for documentation.

In many states within the US, no additional receipt is required for contributions of $250 or less. If the expenditure is $250 or more, please email us at weloveyou@omaze.com and we will issue a receipt." They even clearly state omaze keeps 20% of the take....