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Omaze is a scam not because of the salty people who didn't win but because of the buisness model. THIS IS TAKEN DIRECTLY FROM THEIR FINEPRINT.

Omaze donates, (NOT YOU, this is THEIR tax write off) 15 cents of every dollar to the actual charity. (15% PEOPLE)

70 cents is used to "obtain" the award. (If the reward is only valued at retail 120k, you can imagine how easy it is to "obtain" it after they receive 500k total from participant drones like everyone else here. So the rest is gonna go right into their pockets.

Then the remaining 15 cents? Well they have the audacity to claim as their profit. (Even after the BS 70% for "award expenses").

Personally I think they're genuis, they didnt even hide this information but idiots are still willing to throw money at them, and then ofcourse there are the people who think "meh, its only 10 dollars, and it helps a good cause").

PLEASE, if your doing this for the good, please donate directly to these organizations. Organizations are forced to partner with *** bags like these, letting them use their name and cause for a measely 15% of the damn earnings because they need the funding. All the while, omaze gets to claim the feel good and tax write offs when they donate the earnings. While you sit at home, doing whatever else consumers blindly waste their money on.

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you guys do realize people aren't donating $ just for the good of it but rather instead for the gamble of winning the prize. I don't see this as a scam.

It's a raffle with a small % going to a good cause.

You are only an idiot if you gamble a lot. I just donate $5 because I want the prize


Please don't call me an idiot ; I haven't donated to these persons nor have I ever even heard of them. Then your rambling accusatory complaint furnished no real information regarding the incident or policy (policies) that have annoyed you so. All wind, no substance.

to Anonymous #1698003

If you haven't donated to them, then this person isn't calling you an idiot... I am though.

to Anonymous #1698844

I'm dying!

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